The Love Express – Part 2

by Aman on April 24, 2011

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As I shifted from her seat to mine, I smelt her heavenly perfume and thought about the best way to approach the situation. Should I give her some time and try to strike a casual conversation? Or should I try the approach that Saif tried with Rani in Hum Tum? Na, I think we can rule the second one out. 5 minutes passed, then 10. In between I kept sneaking glances at her, smiling like a jackass every time she caught me. But that paved the way for initial introductions. Now that the niceties were done and over with, I decided. It was now or never!

“So do you have a boyfriend?”, I asked in a nonchalant manner.

“Excuse me! Who the hell are you to ask me such a question? I don’t know you from Adam!”

“Arey! I’m sorry if I sounded like a perv. The truth is I work for a Market Research firm and I’m doing a project titled “SISGWB!”

“What’s that?”, she asked, not entirely convinced.

“It means ‘Smart, Intelligent & Sexy Girls Without Boyfriends!’ You fit the bill perfectly”

A suspicious look followed. But with a hint of smile! 1-0 to me.

“What rubbish! You just made that up”

“Hello, I’m serious. If you want I can even show you the questionnaire for it”, said I, opening my laptop.

She peered into my laptop and her heavenly perfume got my heart beating at 200. “Why do all girls smell so good?” I wondered. And why the hell does my Brut never work!

“This says something about some patient education shit or something”, sounding quite disgusted.

“Obviously it does, It’s about educating patients like you that SISGWB is the way forward and man’s apathy is a mix of unilateralism in conjunction with authoritative symbology!”


A look of disbelief followed which clearly read ‘Why-the-hell-am-I-sitting-next-to-this-crazy-freak’

“You think you’re damn smart right! FYI I don’t believe a single word of what you say. And just so you know, I have a BOYFRIEND! So stop trying to hit on me!”

“Well, football, too, has a goalkeeper. Doesn’t mean we can’t score”, I replied quite cheekily.

If looks could kill, I’d be twice dead by now!

“That’s a stupid group on Facebook! At least stop maroing such corny lines”

“What makes you think I was maroing a corny pick-up line? That was just to find out whether you’re on Facebook or not”

And this time she definitely smiled. For a second yes, but smile she did. 2-0 to me!

“You know you’re weird right?”, she said, after a few seconds.

“Isn’t that a good thing?”, I said.

“Why? What makes you think being weird is good?”

“Well, look at it this way. Have you ever had such a long conversation with a stranger on a train journey ever before? No right? Now, if I wasn’t this weird, would we have even become friends?”

“Excuse me, aren’t you taking this too far?, she said hotting up once again. “Who said anything about us being friends!?”

“No one”, I whispered, leaning into her. “But I thought I’d take a chance”.

She giggled. Like girls do when they’re small and icky. But that was enough to make my day.

“So what do you think your boyfriend’s doing right now?”, I asked as a matter-of-fact.

“Well, the same thing as you I guess”

“You mean getting a crush on someone else’s girlfriend!”

Girls shouldn’t be allowed to blush. Specially when they blush and tuck their hair behind the ear and look oh-so-pretty! It should be declared a crime.

“I meant travelling. He’s a senior manager with Infosys”

“Infosys, huh! So you guys have been going around for quite some time now or what?”

“Just 1 year. Waise why the hell does that concern you?”

“Na, I was just curious. Waise if I had been going around with such a pretty girl, we would be married by now”, my cheekiness on apparent display.

“How boring! How can you even think of marriage so early? I’m definitely not getting married before 28!”

“Hmmm, that’s ok. I think I can wait till then”, I replied with a devilish smile.

“Shut up!”, followed by a playful smack from her.

And so on it went. Three hours gone and we didn’t even notice. They say that some things are meant to happen and the rest you have to work to make it happen. Like the fact that meeting Rhea was meant to happen. The chance that we would meet again was something I had to work on to make it happen. And so we spoke. From things ranging from our schooldays to things she didn’t like about men. Even things she didn’t like about me. But I also got her to tell me things she liked about me; from my weirdness, to the way I made her laugh every two minutes; from my nose that is shaped like a ‘starship’ according to her, to the way I held the compartment door open from her when she wanted to wash her hands. And those were the only things that mattered for me.

Love ExpressAs the train rolled into Delhi, we both looked at each other. There was a hint in her eyes that suggested something but I chose not to do anything. And then the moment passed. Both of us shifted uncomfortably in our seats and began to collect our bags from the overhead luggage rack. Slowly I walked her out of the train and to the taxi stand. All this while, not a word passed between us. But like they say, some things are better understood in silence. I quietly held her hand and she let me.

“Well, are you going to ask for my number or not!?”, she asked in exasperation.

“I thought you had a boyfriend”

“I thought you didn’t care whether I had a boyfriend or not!”

“True, but I also thought you didn’t like weird people”

“I still don’t. But I think I like people who’re weird in a good way”

“Would I fall into that category?”, I asked quite breathlessly

“Well, that depends”, she replied softly, leaning into me as she spoke.

And as she leaned into me, our eyes met once again and it seemed as if the entire universe had conspired to bring us together. And this time that moment lasted. I savored her sweet breath long after our lips had parted. And then….

“Excuse me”, I heard a voice somewhere in the background, “We’ve arrived in Delhi”

“Delhi! What!”, as I awoke with a start!

“Yes, you’ve been passed out from quite sometime now”, she said, gathering her luggage.

And with that, she walked out of the train and away from my life. I rubbed my eyes cursing myself in more ways than one. So it had all been a dream. Slowly rising from my seat, I gathered my luggage and made my way out. On the way out, however, I stopped to scan the list of passengers that was pasted on the train. Seat No 33. Rhea Munjal.

Grinning to myself, I repeated the words in my head, “Just a stupid dream!”

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ntasha April 24, 2011 at 7:03 pm

sweety tht was very beginnin 2 think ur more of a flirt thn i initially thought..n well u actually might succeed with those corny lines of urs..girls totally dig thm (whethr they admit it or not)..keep up d good work my boy..hehehe


Aman April 26, 2011 at 4:33 am

“im beginnin 2 think ur more of a flirt thn i initially thought”

Wen did this happen? 😛


Madhav April 25, 2011 at 6:13 am

lol…funny! getting kissed on lips and realizing its a dream is HEARTBREAKING to say the least..


Aman April 26, 2011 at 4:34 am

Ya dude…believe me, it’s something that can’t be put in words…thanks for dropping by!


rajat April 25, 2011 at 6:13 pm

dude seriously… the first part was way better… nevertheless, a couple of the lines were good… and thanks to ntasha (the girl who posted the above response) i now know that they work 🙂

Keep them coming


Aman April 26, 2011 at 4:36 am

Haan bhai…even I personally felt that I wrote the 1st part way better…but in the end who cares as long as Ntasha and other girls tell us that these lines work 😉


Ilam Shan May 3, 2011 at 11:39 am

Oi Lil’ Johnny Bhai ! Entertaining!

“Excuse me”, I heard a voice somewhere in the background, “We’ve arrived in Delhi” Make a deep breath that this voice belongs to the girl, not her Infosys’s Boyfriend 😈


Varun Rao June 6, 2011 at 11:10 am

Sarkar, didn’t u feel like demolishing the whole of Delhi railway platform + the train after realising it was a dream? 😛 :P, yaaar bada dard lagta hai jab aisa kuch hota hai 😀


Babita Farshwall September 6, 2011 at 9:21 am


Loved it…just loved it to the core…this was awesomely hilarious!!

“Girls shouldn’t be allowed to blush. Specially when they blush and tuck their hair behind the ear and look oh-so-pretty! It should be declared a crime.”..these lines took my heart man!!

Too good man. Waiting for more to read…..


Aman September 7, 2011 at 10:27 am

Thanks for the lovely comment


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