The Girl in the Mall – Part 2

by Aman on January 3, 2011

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Hmmm so where were we? Oh ya the movie had just ended and we followed her out back into the mall. Well she keptHorn OK Please - Pizza glancing back at our group so that gave us even further reason to pursue our goal. I guess they were hungry because we soon found ourselves sitting in Pizza Hut trying to figure out what to order(Ahem,actually we were a little low on cash so umm we had to Google the entire menu to find the cheapest stuffmalu). Eventually we ended up with 4 slices of garlic bread for the three of us(you should have seen the look on the attendant’s face when we said ” One garlic bread pls, that’ll be all”. He actually asked us thrice if we wanted anything more.The nerve of some ppl!

Ok back to the story now. So here I was sitting diagonally opposite her in order to have a clear view of her(her face I mean…filthy mindsjelir). She obviously knew I was staring so she had to show some ‘bhaav’ after all(these girls I tell you). After 10 mins or so, she too got into the game and we started a game of ‘Who Blinks 1st!’ And so we stared and stared and stared. Ah, those beautiful eyes still haunt me day and night. Well,I never even got to taste even a bit of that garlic bread(some friends I have)but who cared anyways at that point of time.

After Pizza Hut, she and her friend walked into a huge garment store(I think it was Westside but like I said I could have cared less even if it was Hell) and we dutifully followed them like lambs to the slaughter. From one section to another, from 4th floor till the 1st, always keeping her within my sights. Until she disappeared that is! We searched the entire 1st floor better than the FBI but still no sign of her. One minute she was there and the next she went Kapoosh!!

Until Saurav’s brilliant idea,”She must have gone to the basement, I saw a sign saying that’s the girls section.” So down we went and as soon as we went there, 3 pairs of salesgirl eyes stared at us as if we had committed Harakiri. Why you may ask? Well, ’cause we had just entered the Lingerie section!! Imagine, 3 guys and 3 salesgirls and the lingerie section. Now I don’t know who was more embarrassed,They or Usjelir. And to top off his brilliant suggestion, Saurav comes up with THE most(no words to describe this) excuse,”Lets go to the toilet guys!”.That too aloud! Now remember, there are 3 girls, 3 guys and the lingerie all around us. Don’t you think it wasn’t the best time to excuse ourselves to go the loo. U get my drift right?? Well in a sense he was right. It was the girls section after all!!!setan

Anyways after escaping(read running for our lives) from the men-not-allowed-and-should-not-be-seen-here department, we went and searched the only other likely place they could have gone. Outside the mall,that is (Brilliant na,I still congratulate myself for figuring that one out). And yes she was there, standing right next to her car (A redHorn OK Please - SantroSantro, see I still remember..Isiko kehte hain saccha pyarsengihnampakgigi). “Oh my god, she’s leaving”,I thought. “This can’t be happening to me!”. But there we were, standing about 10 meters apart waiting for the other one to make the 1st move. I know I should have done something but as to exactly what I should have done I still don’t know (C’mon girls, you know how tongue-tied we guys are in moments like these).

And then she Smiled. And I mean that smile which can light a thousand bulbs. That mischievous, naughty, lovable smile that you don’t normally hand out to every other person that you meet. And with that she got into her car and drove off into the sunset leaving me expressionless in her wake.

I stood there rooted to that spot for the next two minutes until I felt blood flow in me again. Did that just happen or was I still dreaming? Only when Abhinav and Saurav dragged me off from there did I get back to reality. She was really gone, just like that!!

And now I am serious. I mean was that it? After all that happened since the morning, was it really meant to end this way? Because believe me, there was something between us. It was there when I first saw her, it was there in the hall, more so after that and that connection reached its zenith when she gave me that smile. I know many of you must be thinking ” Haha,kat gaya iska or that both of us were just flirting”. Ya I do agree, it was timepass but there’s no way I can explain to anyone of you why this time it was so different.

So what happened to that girl, you may ask or what’s the use in writing all this if she went away!! But like I said, there was something between us and that’s why “The Girl in the Mall” might have left but the “Girl from the Mall” certainly didn’t. Yes, I met her again!! As to how I met her again and what happened after that, well you’ll just have to wait a little more.sengihnampakgigi

Next Up : The Girl From The Mall – The Grand Finale

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