The Girl in the Mall-Part 1

by Aman on January 3, 2011

I wrote this three part story way back in 2007. Whether this is true or fictional, I leave it to you to decide!!!

Major characters-:
(not necessarily in order of appearance)

1) Good ol’ me

2) My friend Abhinav and Saurav

3) Her (name will be disclosed in a later part)

4) Her friend Anushka

Approximate Time-Period-:

Well, all the events stated below take place in July 2006(I think it was the 21st but since I don’t even remember what I did yesterday,so I can be excused for thisjelir).

And now for the story….

I woke up and slowly tried to figure out the time through my half closed eyes(let me tell you all that I have difficulty seeing and hearing things for at least 5 minutes after I wake up). Finally I figured out that the watch was screaming 11 in the morning. ‘Oh Shit!’,I shouted cause I had to be meeting Abhinav and Saurav for a movie at 12 in Gurgaon(at least an hour from my place). Anyways after setting a world record in brushing,bathing and getting ready, I jumped into my car at 11.20 (I honestly had a bath oksiul) and finally reached Sahara Mall in Gurgaon at 12.15.

I met up with them and launched into an extensive account of how aliens had abducted me and how I bravely teleported myself back to earth just so that I could be in time for the movie. Got to hear the choicest of abuses from Abhinav before he told me the movie’s at 1 (they knew I’d be late so hence the 1 hr shift). ‘Damn!’,I thought,’wasted a good excuse on no account ‘. Having more than half an hour to kill, we did what every guy and girl does..Check out the opposite sex…( Girls don’t say you don’t check us out cause we know you dosiul). Anyways we were roaming around aimlessly trying to kill time and spot some good chicks. And that’s when I saw Her…

Well I won’t even try and describe to you just how beautiful she was (that’ll be an insult to her memory). Lets just say she was something man! Dressed in a simple black tee and jeans she was perfect from every angle(u perverts!!jelir). There was another girl with her but then I had eyes only for her. I pointed her out to my friends and they also agreed she’s the one for me(such supportive friends I have).And launched into songs like ‘Ik ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga and pyaar hua ikraar hua hai,pyaar se fir kyun darta hai dil!!’ That too at the top of their voices!!

So she obviously noticed. Well that’s what we wanted rite!!jelir. So just when I had decided she’s the only true love of my life(at that moment), both my assholish friends decided its time for the movie and we ought to go. No offense to them but they just don’t understand Pyaar Vyaar and all ya. I mumbled something saying I don’t want to go for the movie for which I got one reply at the same time from the two of them. ‘Ya rite, your dad will also go!!’. To which I obviously wanted to reply ‘Let my dad go then,i just wanna look at hersenyum. Ah such pure true love!

But despite all my protests I was dragged(literally) like a common criminal to the hall where I sat sulking, bent low in my seat. However true love has always withstood all the tests of time and chahey jitni bhi zulmi bane duniya, pyaar sab zanzeerey tod dega!(I cant believe i wrote thatsetan). Well in she walks and sits right at the seat in front of me.The lion in me roars and i almost shout Yahoo!!

And then started some real stupid stuff which I wont dwell into but I guess we spoilt the movie for everyone(it was crap anyways) but this also ensured that she turned around to see who was maroying all the hilarious comments(ok some of them were lame but she turned when I had given a seriously fundoo commentencem).And after that I even threw popcorn at her(Yup baby) and hence ensured that she had my total undivided attention after that.

Well the movie got over and we followed her all the way out of the hall and back into the mall. And then…..

Next Part -: The Girl in the Mall – Part 2

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