The Cup of Pride

by Aman on April 3, 2011

It just wasn’t the Indian Cricket Team that cried last night. I did too. And so did a billion Indians along with me! Those tears that collectively flowed down a billion cheeks were not just tears of joy; it was a potent mixture of raw emotions, of happiness, of relief, of hope and our way of showing gratitude to the Men in Blue. Those images will linger on forever.

For all those fans like me, born after Kapil’s Devils had won the Cup in Lord’s, this moment was worth waiting for! An Indian fan will know the turmoil he goes through every time India plays; all those times in the past when our team managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory; all those times when we said “Is Saale ne toh Paise Khaye Hain!”. It’s truly unbelievable how one magical moment can make you forget everything and how one “Helicopter Shot” can bring together a billion hearts all beating to one tune!

Let’s raise a toast to that man, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Call him “Captain Cool” or “Captain Charisma”. For me, the average Indian fan, MSD now holds a place atop a pedestal that screams RESPECT in every form. The glaze in his eyes when he hit that winning shot will remain etched in my memory for years to come. Even when I tell my children and grandchildren this story for the umpteenth time! And just like he did when India won the inaugural T-20 World Cup, Dhoni stepped away from the limelight and into the background, making sure it was Sachin and his team-mates who faced our hype-creating, nonsensical Paparazzi. To you MSD, I bow in reverence!

No cricketing eulogy can ever be complete without the mention of Sachin “The God” Tendulkar. And although each member of the team made it very clear last night that they had done this for none other that Sachin himself, I feel only Sachin knows just how much winning this World Cup means to him. The sight of him smiling and running onto the pitch like a teenager after his first kiss, that unadulterated happiness in his eyes when he let his kids hold the trophy, says far more that I could ever pen into words. And although a part of me is sad knowing that the end is coming for this great man, I also know that this is the right time for him to go. To you Sachin, the greatest player this game has ever known, Thank you for bringing a smile to every Indian’s face for the last 21 years!

This World Cup is also for you, Gary Kirsten! Let the world remember the night of 2nd of April as the one where a South African became an Indian in more ways than one. This Cup belongs to you as much as it does to a billion Indians. It was you who showed the way when the night seemed darkest for Indian Cricket and believe me, this country will miss you as much as it will miss any of it’s greatest cricketers of yester-years! To Gary Kirsten, the Coach who made our dreams come true and an Indian at heart!

Let’s also spare a thought for the Sri Lankan Cricket Team and to Muttiah Muralitharan, in particular. If there was ever a better sending off for Murali, then I guess he should be glad it came from the likes of Sachin and the Indian Brigade. It was a match worthy of a finals and the Sri Lankans gave it all they had. Who cares if the Lankan Map comes free when one goes to buy an Indian Map, the truth is both countries are born out of the same fabric of ethnicity and love. I did Bleed Blue last night, but the astonishing fact is that it was both light and dark!

And finally, this one is for all the fans out there! Let not anything come between you and the wild celebrations. We’ve waited 28 long years for this and no amount of school work, office work, a crappy boss or a pretty office colleague should come in the way. These memories are going to last us a lifetime so let’s not waste a single moment in preserving them!

WC 2011 India

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Malay April 3, 2011 at 7:55 am

photo mai sabse aage saala Sreesanth khada hai.. 🙂


Aman April 5, 2011 at 5:24 am

Haha…but he’s definitely lucky! Got into the squad at the last minute cause Praveen Kumar got injured..played one game and sat out the rest…then played the finals cause Nehra got injured! Saala Appam!


nidhi Kohli April 15, 2011 at 5:09 pm

Super super super Like !!!
This blog made me relive the glorious moment and the adrenaline rush that we felt that day !!! nicely penned 🙂
Cheers Keep it up !!!!


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