The Basics of Blogging

by Aman on October 15, 2011

The Basics of BloggingEver since I started this blog, I’ve been getting a lot of queries regarding blogging in particular. People have written in to ask so many different things; ranging from the basic question of “What is a blog?” to ones that I didn’t even know myself. In fact the other day, Lucky & Dmitri Singh asked me, “Are you implementing CSS classes within the Php directory?” 😛

So even though this is meant to be a non-technical blog and a rather sarcastic, humorous take on life (yours not mine, eh mate!), I think there is a definite scope for this blog to include a section dealing with all things like blog, blogging, WordPress, domains, hosting etc. So if you take a closer look to the top of the site, you’ll notice a new section that says, “The HOP Guide to Blogging”. For all you lazy bums who can’t even lift a finger, a screenshot of the same is attached below.

Horn OK Please - Blogging Guide

Now, blogging in itself is such a vast topic that even someone as intelligent and brilliant as me is at a loss sometimes. It’s not simply about buying a domain name or opening a free blog and then writing your heart on it. It’s a lot more than that. Blogging is all about passion, connecting with your audience, identifying with them and giving them what they want to read. More or less like I do! 😛

So I’m gonna start with the absolute basics and then move on to more complex things. In between will also be some inspirational talks on blogging and the bit. But don’t worry, if all this seems too heavy for you, I’ll have the regular dose of humor, sarcasm and the likes going on constantly. Till then, go get some typing lessons!

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