The Love Express – Part 2

by Aman on April 24, 2011

Love Express

Catch The Build-Up Here – > The Love Express – Part 1 As I shifted from her seat to mine, I smelt her heavenly perfume and thought about the best way to approach the situation. Should I give her some time and try to strike a casual conversation? Or should I try the approach that […]


The Love Express – Part 1

by Aman on March 2, 2011


“Yatri Gan Kripaya Dhyan De; Chandigarh se Nayi Dilli jane wali Shatabdi Express kuch hi der mey Platform No Ek se Rawana Hogi; Dhanyavad!” “Ladies and Gentlemen, May I Have Your Attention Please; Shatabdi Express from Chandigarh to New Delhi will be departing from Platform No 1 shortly; Thank You!” Listening to the ubiquitous announcement for […]


Horn OK Please – The Official Launch!!!

by Aman on January 14, 2011

Horn OK Please - Drum

POM! POM! POM! All of Delhi’s Bandwaalahs are out on the streets today celebrating the launch of Horn OK Please! Sightings as far as Rajinikanth can see have been reported of people dancing wildly in the streets and declaring their undying happiness. “At last”, they rejoice,” A voice of the masses, full of truth and […]


Love in a Metro…

by Aman on January 3, 2011

Horn OK Please - Love in a Metro

Note: Inspired by a Jeffrey Archer story… Armaan nervously settled his tie as he stepped onto the escalator and into the brightly lit Metro Station at RajivChowk. Glancing at his watch, he noted that he still had another 30 minutes to reach his destination at Patel Nagar. Today was going to be his day, he […]

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The Girl From The Mall – The Grand Finale

by Aman on January 3, 2011


For all those who missed the earlier parts: The Girl in the Mall – Part 1 The Girl in the Mall – Part 2 Truth, they say, is sometimes stranger than fiction. Well it’s certainly true in my case. It was almost six months to the day that I last saw the girl in the […]


The Girl in the Mall – Part 2

by Aman on January 3, 2011

Horn OK Please - Pizza

Read Part – 1 here -> The Girl in the Mall – Part 1 Hmmm so where were we? Oh ya the movie had just ended and we followed her out back into the mall. Well she keptglancing back at our group so that gave us even further reason to pursue our goal. I guess they were […]

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The Girl in the Mall-Part 1

by Aman on January 3, 2011


I wrote this three part story way back in 2007. Whether this is true or fictional, I leave it to you to decide!!! Major characters-: (not necessarily in order of appearance) 1) Good ol’ me 2) My friend Abhinav and Saurav 3) Her (name will be disclosed in a later part) 4) Her friend Anushka Approximate […]


The Meeting…

by Aman on January 2, 2011

Horn OK Please - Alarm

The alarm went off exactly at 7 am. And just like every other day, she stirred from her sleep and groped around in the dark to feel the empty space next to her. And even before she could feel anything,she knew he was not asleep beside her. It had been the same for the past […]