3 Long Forgotten Faces of Yester-Years!

by Aman on November 6, 2011

Sorry, Who Are You!

Remember the good ol’ days of the 90’s when everything we know now just wasn’t the same. I had just entered boarding school and was beginning to learn how not to stab myself with a knife and fork. Manmohan Singh was opening his mouth (a distant memory) to speak to the country and brought out […]


Don’t Be Stupid! Be Cupid!

by Aman on February 13, 2011

Dress Code For 14th Feb Blue – I’m Free Green – I’m Waiting Orange – I’m Going To Propose Pink – Accepted Just Now Black – I Just Got Slapped! White – I’m Booked Yellow – I Just Broke Up Red – Leave Me Alone! Ah, College sure was fun, wasn’t it! For as long […]


Maggi…err,not quite Noodles!!!

by Aman on December 30, 2010

Horn OK Please - Maggi

If ever there was an invention that deserves all the accolades in the  world, i think Maggi would win hands down . The staple diet (read  only) of all the bachelors, worshipped by every hostel boy and girl  alike; its invention according to me, is the equivalent of say, finding a  cure for AIDS. Its […]