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My Newest New Year Resolutions

by Aman on January 1, 2012

Perfect New Year Resolutions

Ah, it’s that time of the year again when everyone from Mummy to Papa, from Chintu to Pinky, from Sonia to Manmohan to quite possibly even Rakhi Sawant (provided she knows what resolutions are) makes their newest New Year Resolutions. For 27 long and turbulent years, I’ve silently made them too but just like all […]


From Horn OK Please to Horn(y) OK Please!

by Aman on August 24, 2011

Horn OK Please - Funny Cartoon

According to the latest results of the Durex Sex Survey (Yeah, it’s for real!), Greece has been named the Horniest Country in the world followed by Brazil and Russia. Needless to say, India doesn’t figure anywhere on that list. In fact, China is at No.4 (Trivia: almost 70% of the world’s sex toys are made […]


Horn OK Please – The Official Launch!!!

by Aman on January 14, 2011

Horn OK Please - Drum

POM! POM! POM! All of Delhi’s Bandwaalahs are out on the streets today celebrating the launch of Horn OK Please! Sightings as far as Rajinikanth can see have been reported of people dancing wildly in the streets and declaring their undying happiness. “At last”, they rejoice,” A voice of the masses, full of truth and […]


The Girl From The Mall – The Grand Finale

by Aman on January 3, 2011


For all those who missed the earlier parts: The Girl in the Mall – Part 1 The Girl in the Mall – Part 2 Truth, they say, is sometimes stranger than fiction. Well it’s certainly true in my case. It was almost six months to the day that I last saw the girl in the […]


Only Love…

by Aman on January 2, 2011

Horn OK Please - Cupid

I actually wrote this one about 2 years back and since I have nothing exciting to look forward to this Valentine’s Day, I thought let me post this as a tribute to my future (hopefully) Valentine. It’s a bit mushy but nonetheless, here goes: He was already getting bored and wondered why he’d ever agreed […]


Many a times you come across people in your day to day life whom you wished had never crossed your path and reminiscing about it later you’re glad you happened to be in the right place at the right time; atleast it ensures you had a good laugh! Two days ago i found myself lurking […]


Mom and her Marriage Gyaan :-(

by Aman on December 31, 2010

Well I had lately been reading a lot of my friends’ post which were somehow related to their marriage with most of them contributing their woes and happiness respectively. I was happily reading all their posts and comments and joining in the fun with so many others because i never thought for even a milli-shilli […]


Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki

by Aman on December 31, 2010

Sorry to disappoint all those people who think this is gonna be a tribute to THE most insane, rubbish, cow-dungish TV serial ever imagined ( or wait, i think Ekta came out with another K last week which seems hell bent on breaking all rules of moronism). This is actually a story of what happens […]

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Maggi…err,not quite Noodles!!!

by Aman on December 30, 2010

Horn OK Please - Maggi

If ever there was an invention that deserves all the accolades in the  world, i think Maggi would win hands down . The staple diet (read  only) of all the bachelors, worshipped by every hostel boy and girl  alike; its invention according to me, is the equivalent of say, finding a  cure for AIDS. Its […]


Beyond the Woods

by Aman on December 30, 2010

A Short Story: He could feel the eerieness in the air around him. The hair on his back stood up and he began to get goosebumps. Something was definately not right here. ” Damn it,i should have never taken this shortcut in the first place”, he thought. There was forest cover on both his sides […]