Only Love…

by Aman on January 2, 2011

I actually wrote this one about 2 years back and since I have nothing exciting to look forward to this Valentine’s Day, I thought let me post this as a tribute to my future (hopefully) Valentine. It’s a bit mushy but nonetheless, here goes:

Horn OK Please - Cupid

He was already getting bored and wondered why he’d ever agreed to do this. Then he felt guilty for feeling this way. It was his parents’ anniversary after all. And he himself had decided that he’d take this Thursday off to take them shopping and then later for dinner. It was the least he could do to make them happy on their special day.

Aryan smiled to himself as he saw his mother selecting the salwaar suits for herself. Her happiness was reflected on her face. Like a girl picking up clothes for her college wear, his mother was all smiles and arguing like all females do with the salesman. His dad, on the other hand, was like all typical males. Nodding when required without really paying attention to what his wife was saying, Aryan knew his father was definitely not enjoying this. As if sensing his gaze, his father turned around and gave his only son a why-did-you-have-to-include-shopping-in-this look. He could only shrug and smile at his father.

Standing outside the shop and turning around, he ran a quick look around the mall in order to divert his mind. “Damn”, he thought,” No good looking girl also around”. At least if he was in office he could have slyly stared at that new girl whom the whole office was eying. “Ah well you have to sacrifice certain things for your loved ones sometimes”, he said chuckling to himself. And that’s when he saw her.

Kashish was your normal 23 old girl. Plus she was smart and beautiful and she knew that. That’s what made her even more appealing to men and she had had her share of them as well. Speaking of men, she noticed that tall, lanky guy on the 1st floor as soon as she entered the mall. And why wouldn’t she? He was staring at her as if he had never seen a girl before. “Typical male behavior”, she said to herself and quietly followed her mother without giving him a second glance.

Aryan simply could not take his eyes off her. She was mesmerizing in every way possible. Fair, good height, and well dressed in a simple tee and jeans, he could only stare at her beauty. She had noticed him as well, he was sure about that. He knew he was handsome in a careless sort of way and she had indeed glanced up at him. But there was nothing he could do. She was with her mother and his parents were inside the shop. He couldn’t be so shameless also. But then the prospect of letting go of her so easily did not appeal to him. He decided to take his chance. Stepping inside the shop and making an excuse that he had spotted a friend and that he would be back in sometime, Aryan made his way down to the ground floor. He spotted her inside Pantaloons and quickly followed both mother and daughter inside the quite empty store.

She noticed him entering the store. “What a Romeo”, she said to herself half smiling. Although she had to admit that he looked handsome with his hair falling oh-so-carelessly over his face. On the whole he did look smart and kind of cute. She kept glancing at him every now and then while pretending to pick clothes from various shelves but had to be careful with her mother close by. As for his part, Aryan knew that both of them were on the right track. All he needed now was luck and some timing.

Kashish picked up a few tops and told her mother that she’d try them on and come while her mother moved over to the men’s section to look for some shirts for her husband. This was the opportunity that Aryan had been looking for. He quickly made his way towards the trial rooms and was relieved to find them all empty except for one. “That’s good”, he thought. Now all that was required was timing and his patience would finally be rewarded. He heard the trial room bolt open and moved quickly so that he found himself staring face to face with the girl of his dreams. A second’s hesitation before Kashish’s hand reached out grabbing him and pulled him inside the trial room.

Grinning, she turned towards him and said,” Next time Mr. Aryan, make sure you take your girlfriend out to a more romantic place. Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetheart! “With his arms round her waist and hers around his neck, the two lovers locked lips as the world melted before their love filled eyes.

Horn OK Please - Only Love

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