Love in a Metro…

by Aman on January 3, 2011

Note: Inspired by a Jeffrey Archer story…

Armaan nervously settled his tie as he stepped onto the escalator and into the brightly lit Metro Station at RajivHorn OK Please - Love in a MetroChowk. Glancing at his watch, he noted that he still had another 30 minutes to reach his destination at Patel Nagar. Today was going to be his day, he kept reminding himself. With an interview scheduled with the HR of one of the top IT firms, he really wanted to grab this opportunity with both hands. While he was happy with his current job at TechFest, the truth was that it was a pretty small firm and frankly speaking the lure of a fatter paycheck coupled with a better job profile was something the 24 year old really looked forward to.

“I hope I get a place to sit”, he thought as he once again checked his watch. Fortunately for him, the previous train had just left Platform 3 which meant that he stood right at the front of the queue that had begun forming for the next train and this meant that in all probability he would be the first to enter. He glanced at the Train Time Indicator which signaled the time left for the next train to enter the station. It read 5:00 mins.

Briefing through his resume for the umpteenth time, Armaan once again went through the sequence he had been repeating in his mind since the last week. “Knock on the door politely, ask for permission to enter, wish the interviewer and wait for permission to be seated”. And all this with a smile! He couldn’t help but be nervous. The Time Display read 4:00 mins.

He tapped his feet a few times and instinctively looked up for a few seconds at the opposite end of the station to notice the queue forming on Platform 4. And it was at that moment that all his nervousness vanished. In fact for him everything ceased to exist at that moment of time except for the girl standing directly opposite him. She was breathtakingly beautiful and he had never seen anyone like her ever before. A lump formed in his throat as he struggled to take in her beauty. The time read 3:00 mins.

On the opposite side, Kashish was waiting for the train to drop her off at Barakhambha Road where she was meeting some friends for lunch. Suddenly she felt a pair of eyes on her and looked up to see a young guy dressed in formals staring at her. Realizing that she had noticed him staring, he quickly looked away. “Disgusting”, she said to herself. “Typical Delhi guy! All they know is to stare at every girl”. She began playing with her phone only to look up a few seconds later to find him staring at her again. This time he was a little late to look away but it was enough for her to notice that he was not staring at her with lust-filled eyes. Rather she was attracted by a special spark in them and suddenly she noticed how carelessly his hair fell over his handsome face. The time read 2:00 mins.

Armaan was a little embarrassed to find himself being caught so blatantly staring at the girl and quickly looked away only to find his gaze returning to her beautiful face after a few seconds. “Oh God, she was perfect in every sense”, he thought. And it was this lingering thought that allowed her to catch him staring at her once again and this time he was a little slow to react. “Dammit! I’m the biggest fool in this world. She must think I’m such a pervert”, he thought. However, he couldn’t resist stealing a glance at her again and this time was surprised to see her staring at him and then quickly looking away. He couldn’t believe himself. This time he maintained the gaze and when she looked at him again, he smiled the most idiotic smile he had ever given anyone in his life. The time read 1:00 min.

Kashish, on the other hand, was taken aback when the young guy offered her the cutest smile she had ever seen. Composing herself, she smiled back at him only to find herself blushing and quickly looked away. When she looked back at him, the smile had been replaced with an even bigger one that forced her to chuckle aloud. “Oops”, she thought, grinning to herself,”What’s wrong with me!” And it was at this very moment that both the trains entered from opposite directions to mask the flow of emotions taking place.

Frantically, Armaan tried to catch a glimpse of her form through the cloud of rushing trains to no avail. He stood rooted to the spot as his train came to a grinding halt and was soon engulfed in a swarm of people alighting and boarding. People pushed past him, cursing his moribund form while some even stamped his feet to continue their maddening journey of life but for Armaan, none of that mattered. What mattered to him was lost beyond his reach separated by a pair of closing doors. As the two trains pulled away from the station, Armaan kept his gaze fixed at a point directly in front of him. And when it was all quiet again, Kashish stared directly into his eyes and they both smiled in togetherness.

P.S: You might wonder how I know this story. I was told this at Kashish and Armaan’s 1st wedding anniversary last Friday senyum

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Mohul August 3, 2012 at 7:01 pm

Awesome story Amandeep.. enjoyed every bit of it!



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