Dr. Jai Killey,Ms. Hi Deeee and unfortunate me

by Aman on January 1, 2011

Many a times you come across people in your day to day life whom you wished had never crossed your path and reminiscing about it later you’re glad you happened to be in the right place at the right time; atleast it ensures you had a good laugh!

Two days ago i found myself lurking amongst the books at Landmark when my search for an elusive masterpiece was broken by the arrival of two girls who seemed fresh out of college. Before I even had the chance to glance at them, one of them literally grabbed a book of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde( ya the one by R.L.Stevenson which we we read in school) and exclaimed loudly to her friend , ” Look what I found. Dr. Jai Killey and Ms. Hi Deeee “. ( I swear to god that she pronounced it that way). I nearly dropped the book I was holding!!

To top it off her friend replied back in the worst accent anyone can ever muster up and said “ Oh puhleeez, I neva read sucha waste noovels. “ It sure certified the fact that illiteracy level in our country is still quite high!! And on and on the 2 girls went on about how some girl in their college was so cheap and fake. I still congratulate myself for resisting the temptation to strangle one of them..

Anyways Dr. Jai Killey and her Hi Deeee friend soon moved on to another section and I thanked God for this kind favour. But lady Luck doesn’t seem to like me very much it seems cause I soon found them in the section opposite to mine. Dr. Jai Killey was holding a copy of Dan Brown’s ‘ Da Vinci Code ‘ and explaining the story to her friend Ms. Hi Dee. Sample this conversation between them.

Dr. J – Eeeeyyaa lok wat I find!! I saw movie of this guy ( Wen did Dan Brown star in a movie??)

Ms. H – Ooooooo my bro has this. I haven’t read but ( Why am I not surprised!! )

Dr. J – Gosh gud only. It was booooriin. Nicole Cage was the hero ( Nicole who?? Now I dunno if she meant Nicholas Cage or Nicole Kidman; whatever the case Tom Hanks sure didn’t see this coming! 🙂 )

Dr. J (continues) – It was all bout killing one Pope guy and finding a lost painting ( Aww c’mon guys, give her some credit. She at least figured out that there was a painting in the movie! 🙂 )

Ms. H – I tell you, how can ppl watch violent related movies. It makes me disgusted (You have absolutely no idea how disgusted you made me feel girl)

Dr. J – Sahi mey, that’s why I watch couples movies ( Huh, now what the hell are couple movies??)

Apparently her friend understood what ‘couple movies’ were. I was obviously thinking in a different direction all together!!

Ms. H – Like Titanic na! Oooh, I simply loooved that one ( me almost crying now)

I moved away realizing that my sanity was in serious danger now. But the best was yet to come and this time the joke was on them. They soon moved onto a section which had certain books titled “Letters to a ‘certain’ house”. Apparently they had no idea or they were simply not so learned as mebecause one of them picked up one of the books and said to her friend, “Hey, I found some new books”. And when they realized what they had picked up, they did an about turn on the spot and walked as fast as they could out of the store :-). Ah, well the fun had to stop sometime!

I finally picked up P.G. Woodhouse’s ‘Imperial Blandings’ (which unfortunately I’ve not even started to read till now) and went my way feeling that the day had not been such a waste after all.

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