Chennai Musings

by Aman on January 5, 2011

They say there’s no stopping an idea whose time has come. Maybe that’s the reason for my restless soul these days. AHorn OK Please - Chennai lot of my time, these days, is spent in idle thought and that Safari Dicor ad which says, “Reclaim your Life!” There’s a burning desire to do something new, to grab that illusive Golden Fleece that sadly remains just out of reach.

Maybe Chennai will have the answer that’s been tormenting me for weeks now.


I’m back in the city of Chennai – a place that holds a lot of significance in my life. This city has taught me a lot of things; some good while others that don’t exactly exude warmth in my heart. It’s also teaching me another thing today – that there’s a certain pain associated with memories. But this pain’s of a different kind. The one that makes your heart ache and miss someone. I know you’re reading this somewhere and yes, this one’s meant for you.


I’ve been walking non-stop for over two hours. Without a sense of direction and knowing where to go next. But it’s not without purpose. I feel a bit like Forest Gump at this moment. Except that he ran! Eventually though, it seems both of us were looking for answers that had no questions.

As I take stock of my bearings, I realize that my feet have carried me to Adyar. Chennai hasundergone a sea ofHorn OK Please - Mochatransformation in these past 2 years and this area bears testimony to this fact. Gone is my favorite place in the city, the Coffee World outlet, near Adyar Signal. But there’s a new Mocha shop that’s opened a little ahead. And that’s the place I’m currently sitting in, penning my thoughts into words.


It’s 7.45 in the evening and I’m just about ready to board my flight back to Delhi and leave this city once again. Time brings about a huge change in perspective. I used to hate Chennai earlier. That I still do! That feeling, though, has mellowed down quite a bit. For all the hate and pain associated with this place, there’s love to be found in the strangest of places. All you need to do is look for it!


I take to the skies, a little wiser, a little surer about what I want from life. The entire picture is still quite hazy but at least there’s a ray of light shining through that to mark a new beginning. And for that, I’ll always be grateful to this unforgiving city.

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