The Best Kindle Accessories to Buy in India

The Best Kindle Accessories to Buy in India Update – Now that Amazon has officially launched their operations in India, you can check out the entire range of Kindle Accessories here Sometime back I wrote a detailed guide on “how to buy a Kindle in India” and to my pleasant surprise, that post is one […]



I use Google. You use Google. Except for 14% of the world’s population, everyone uses Google. We use Google for anything and everything. From checking out spellings to the latest Porn Prom clips, Google dominates our everyday lives. “Google kar le yaar” has become one of the most used phrases in India and the last […]


Buy Amazon Kindle in India

The Definitive Guide on How To Buy Kindle in India As most of you know I’m a book freak which means that there is a better chance of finding me curled up in bed with a book rather than a girl (and FYI before you go trashing about my reputation, yes I get offers for […]


Flipkart: The Indian Amazon

Ok I’m going to be clear from the beginning on one thing. I’m in love with Flipkart! And this post is going to be all praises for it. And it might seem to be a promotional post, so kindly bear! You see, I’m a self-confessed Internet junkie and anything remotely related to e-commerce gets my […]